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Sara & Tom Pvt Tour Nepal Bhutan 28 May-6 June 2011.

Hi Ugen,
I have posted already on your facebook page and will do the other 2 later today or tomorrow. First of all thank you so much for making all the arrangements. Our trip was so spectacular and we really loved everything’s, especially the people we met and the countryside. Our guide Leki Dorji and the Driver Pema Loday were extremel
professional,knowledgeable and pleasure to spend time with. Nothing was too much trouble for them and we really felt that we had a flexible and totally customised tour even though on the whole,we follow the pre-set itinerary. Things that we were able to add included a visit to a school which was super in Phobjikha Valley and watching an archery tournament in Paro(amazing!).Several highlight to mention: Tiger’s Nest which is I am sure everyone has as a highlight. We had perfect weather for our hike and didn’t find it too difficult apart from the breathing! We took our time and got some incredible photos. Also we were invited to Leki’s home for drinks and dinner. This was the most gracious gasture by him and we felt honored to be invited. I have visited 63 countries in the world and never once invited to our guide’s home. In fact I have to say thatboth Tom and I felt honored to have visited Bhutan, the countryside is spectacular but more importantly overall aura of country is really calming and transfixing.

Specifically here are my comments on the hotels. All four were good. The rooms were clean and had everything we needed.We were welcomed into each one,given tea and received really good service in each one. We weren’t expecting TVs in our room,but did have them in 3/4 and it was good thing as I could watch tennis after dinner. Internet worked well in Paro and Thimphu but was not available at Dewachen and didn’t function in Wangdue, although one of staff let me use her computer which was connected-so kind.

We ate well everywhere we went. We had a good selection of dishes with every meal and Tom enjoyed sampling the local beers even though that were very strong one. We had a couple of bottles of wine over the course of the week and found the pricing to be reasonable (about1200 Nu. per bottle) We had an opportunity to witness Puja at Gangtey Palace and after talking with owner, a nice friendly man, we were able to take some photos too.We also drove by the procesion of the monastic body moving from Punakha to Thimpu which was great to see.

Also, we felt that our trip was good value for money. As you predicted, we didn’t buy too much but wished we had sampled some of the bakeries before we did (discovered them in Paro at the end of our tour).

Of course I wished we could have been in Bhutan for one of the festivals. But work schedules did not allow it. It would have been great to see some Traditional dancing-but I understand that this is not just done for tourists. If
it ever could be, I would have certainly paid extra for the experience. In Kathmandu we had a really great guide for our full day tour and saw all the sight with him. Of the 4 airport transfers, 3 went without a hitch and we had
the same smiling driver each time. On june 6 when we flew in from paro there was no one to meet us and so I called the number you had provided and eventually an hour later someone showed up. It was no big deal as we had nothing scheduled that day and the man in the office did apologize-Just thought I’ d mention it.

So once again, thank you for making all the arrangements. Everything went extremely smoothly, we never had to wait for anything and we saw all and more that we wanted to in Bhutan. It was a real priviledge to visit your country.
Please rely our thanks to all that worked on our tour including those behind the scenes. You have a great organisation and I will not hesitate to recommend Wind Horse to friends and colleagues.

If there is any more feedback you ‘d like, I am happy to supply.

Best wishes
Sara C,

It was a real privilege to visit your country.

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