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Hello Santosh

Now that I am home from all my journeys, I have some time to write you. Thank You for arranging my trip with such great people, meeting me and driving in all the cities that I visited on my whirlwind tour of Northern India. They were always on time and they waited for me at the airport sometimes for hours due to my delayed flights. Of specific mentioning were the Driver and Guide in Agra/Jaipur …they were super. The driver was MORE THAN excellent …he was totally a great guy .In fact he was the best driver that I had on the whole trip in India ..he looked out for me like a mother hen ..he was a real gem ..he deserves a raise ..he should be a guide instead of a driver .he was very knowledgeable, very polite and very respectful … All of my Jet Airways flights were late ..some were VERY late . Jet airlines has great new planes and a wonderful staff ..they were top notch both on the ground and in the air ..it is too bad that they cannot stick to their schedules but this is not always their fault ..a good airline. I only had 2 hours of daylight after arriving in Udaipur so it was a waste of a visit but I got to see the Lake Palace which was the most important reason for going there . It quickly became dark so that ended that ! .the guide was a really nice guy who tried his best to show me as much as possible before the sun went down .

The Hotel in Udaipur was very very nice but the NOISE from the HUMMMMMM that travels all through the hotel from an outside source was incredible so not much sleep here. I was told that the hummmis were always present ??.had to leave very early the next am anyway …the driver and guide were on time for this very early departure ..

The Hotel in Varanassi needs new management ..it is a new hotel ..a beautiful hotel

but it is rapidly going downhill ..the managers need a wake up call to keep it alive .

I had so many room problems.I was moved 4 times in one night ..no excuse for that at all

if the managers had their staff on the ball to look after the hotel properly .

The driver and Guide in Varanassi were excellent ..the guide spent a couple of hours with me at the Ganges River ..as I only wanted to see certain things in the city he stayed with me for a couple of hours at his doing .After I came home I learned that a bombing had occurred in the city at the court house killing some people ..sad very sad. The company in Varanasi that you selected was excellent ..the guide was a very charming person ..his command of the English language was excellent. The train ride from Agra to Janasi? was great ..I got do see a lot of country. I am a former farmer so watching the farms go by was a treat. The train was very clean and comfortable ..a great way to see India ..if I was to go back again I would use the train more to travel around .My drive to KHAJURAHO allowed me to see more of the farming countryside …my driver was an excellent , patient and careful driver considering the terrible road conditions we made it to our destination in great time …he dropped me off and then had to drive back to Janasi ? I felt sorry for him .I dropped going to one city along our journey to save time ..Orcha ?

I did not get to see anything in Delhi due to very delayed flights and thick fog …

Thank You for delivering my documents to the Hotel . You should of sent them by courier to save yourself time and petrol. My flight from Paro to Delhi was very late in arriving in Delhi that day and as I was quite tired I did not want to wait up to meet you at 11pm so I went right to bed ….the staff at the Park Plaza Gurgaeon were excellent ..if you need a good hotel near the airport for clients ..this is an excellent one .. it is only 20 min from both terminals ..the room was excellent as was the buffet breakfast which had everything you could imagine to eat .

Well we are to receive a very large snow storm here in a matter of hours so I have much outside work to do plus I have to drive to our nearest town for food as the driving will be bad for the next 4 days .Winter is here in Canada for the next 4 months . It is -15 C here but feels like -25 C with the wind chill factor so it is cold .

Thank You again for your splendid selection of companies to serve me in the various cities that I was in. I appreciated all your correspondence to make my trip to India

a very memorable one .Thanks for your organizational skills in timing my visits to each city .

Best of luck to you and your staff in your new Delhi Office .

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