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Hi Anand
Here is some feedback:
Trip was fantastic overall, every single day had some sort of surprise or something unexpected happen. My guide did a great job.
Festivals in Bumthang and Thimphu were incredible.
In the Tang Valley, I saw a Swiss man in a photo in a museum and inquired with sonam who the guy was. Somehow, Sonam arranged for me to eat lunch with this man and his famous wife the same day. I have no idea how he did this!!
Drayangs were very amusing and a lot of fun! I very much appreciated my guide and driver doing this since I know they both would have preferred to sleep instead of going out.
My guide, Sonam, was able to procure yak meat for me to try. I was very happy about this because I know this was not easy for him to find.
Loved the impromptu road trip across the country when we thought the flight from Bumthang to Paro was going to be canceled.
Many of the meals on the Jomolhari hike were outstanding.
My guide always asked how I was doing. However, I’m not sure if he always understood me and he probably could have communicated that better. He was a really good guide, however.
 My guide always tried and usually succeeded in getting me the best rooms in every hotel. Not sure how he managed this. I really appreciated his effort.
All of the drivers were fantastic.
My guide was very knowledgeable of everything in Bhutan – a walking encyclopedia!
The Mountain Lodge hotel was fantastic – great room!
Things that need improvement:
Sometimes the daily programs seemed a little short, and my guide was unsure of additional activities. We often went pretty quick because it was just me.
My guide said there was no additional hike at Taktsang even though I knew there was one. I had to ask many times before he would admit this to me and take me on part of it.
My guide was not knowledgeable of highend restaurants in Paro. I requested to eat at the best restaurant and said I was willing to pay extra for it, though he didn’t seem to know of any places. I later looked this up online after the trip and was able to find one.
The hotel buffets were quite weak. Nearly every single a la carte meal was better than the best buffet. It would be interesting if Windhorse offered food upgrades on the tours. I definitely would have paid for it.
The last two hotels in Paro and the hotel in Punakha were a little dated.
Hope this feedback helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
PS say hi to Jambay for me!

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