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Hi Kinga,
It’s been almost six weeks since I returned from Bhutan. I want to thank you again for making that brief visit so special! A journey is not completed when one arrives home, but rather, when one uses the experience as best one can. Not one day has passed during the last weeks that I haven’t thought of Bhutan. Specific experiences and images rise to the surface from my memories and field notes and photos; as well as lots of questions. As you said, our brief visit was “intense” and I’m grateful for that. You presented Bhutan so well with your knowledge of the country and people, of Buddhism and of the birds and natural features. And I think you tried to present as realistic a picture as you could on a quick trip. I really enjoyed being there in a way that is different from my enjoyment of other places I’ve visited. Leaving Bhutan with so many good memories and so many questions might be good for tourism there….I may have to return for another look!

Wishing you all the best! Kadriche!

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