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Cambodia, Thailand & Bhutan ( Mar &April, 2006)
Dear Ugen, I just returned from 3 weeks in Europe–got in at 2 A.M. today and am still bleary-eyed, but read your e-mail and again I want to tell you how much we all enjoyed our trip to Bhutan, Cambodia and Thailand This spring. Everything you arranged went smoothly and we had such good guides and pleasant accomodations.

We loved our experiences in Bhutan and the beauty was breathtaking. It seemed that each day brought a miracle to one or another in our group.

We were able to go to the family compound of our driver and have a drink and learn how they made noodles! We even went to the village home where the son of one of our ladies was married! We interacted with the local people and found them all to be so nice and friendly. We met with monks and saw the annual ceremony at the Crown Prince’s Chorten near Punakha and were able to talk with the senior monk there. The sounds of the chants, smell of incense and sight of the monks and Lamas will stay with me forever!

The highlight of our trip was the horseback ride and hike to the Taksang Monastery. What an incredible experience that was! A beautiful day, wonderful sights, kind people—GREAT! And the Paro Festival was such an experience! A real Kodak moment! Especially when one of the clowns took a liking to me! Yikes!
Our time in Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom was outstanding also. I do believe we saw every temple and shrine in that part of Cambodia and the boat ride on Tonle Sap Lake was unbelievable!! What an experience!

I highly recommend you and Windhorse Tours. The entire experience was fantastic and I would love to travel with your group again. Fondly, Susan Richmond.

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