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First of all I apologise for the delay in my review. I got back to Australia a few days ago.

I am very pleased with my trip to Bhutan.

First of all your reactiveness was great, every time I had a request or a question you would reply to me in a few hours, it was great tot know that you were onto it.

I did find it a bit difficult to use the kimkim platform, maybe because I only had phone. I did not receive the attachments you send on kimkim and I was unable to upload documents (I had to get my partner to do it for me from Australia).

The flights were good. Landing in Paro I was struck by how fresh and crips the air was (compared to polluted Kathmandu!), it was the best feeling.

My guide Tashi was very nice, knowledgeable, and friendly. I learned a lot, about Bhutan and Buddhism. Every request I had he would try his best to fulfil it. He organised a Hot Stone bath at his family’s house. It was great to meet his family and enjoy a traditional Hot Stone Bath, especially after hiking the Tiger’s nest that morning.

The first day did feel a little rushed, but the rest of the time the schedule was well paced. I wish I had time to go a bit further than Punakha. It was very convenient to have the car and drive (I am sorry I forgot his name), to stop where ever I wanted to, giving us flexibility.

The accommodation was great. The Bhutan Suites in Thimphu was very comfortable and helpful staff.

I really enjoyed the homestay at Chimi Lhakhang. My hosts were very friendly, they spoke perfect english, let me cook with them. I felt welcome and it gave me a deeper understanding of the culture. I am glad I stayed there two nights. Gangtey Palace in Paro was amazing. The building is quite impressive, beautiful views on the Dzong and mountains, the room big and comfortable. The only disappointing part was the weak wifi connection from my room (but hey, that’s ok). I was lucky though, as on my last night there, they hosted a special event and I could see traditional dancing (which I wouldn’t have seen otherwise).

The food was tasty and fresh, especially at the homestay as I got to cook with my hosts and witness how meals are shared. After the second day, lunches were disappointing as I realised it was always the same buffet (veggie noodles, rice, veggies, spinach…). I wish I could have ordered different options.

In a way it was good to be one on one with the guide but I do wish the tour included other people. It is always nice to discover new places with people to share your impressions with and I was a bit lonely in the evening as the tour finishes quite early in the day (4/5pm).

I enjoyed the hikes and visiting temples (even though it did feel like a lot of temples by the end of the week). I am glad I got to see the archery competition. The Hot Stone bath and the Tiger’s nest hike (great to do early in the morning) as well as the home stay were the highlights of my trip. I feel like Bhutan is a country like no other. I am delighted I got to experience it. The tour was great. I understand and appreciate the bhutanese approach to tourism. I had a great time. Than you very much for your help and organising it all for me. I would love to go back one day and visit the East, I will let you know when 😉

Window to Bhutan – March, 2018

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