Gears Provided on Bhutan Trek

Gears Provided on Bhutan Trek

Gears Provided & Camp Structure

At Wind Horse Tours, we regularly upgrade our trekking equipment and gears for Bhutan Trek Camping. For trek you will be provided with state of art or well maintained Tents, Mattresses, trekking furniture, toilet tents, cooking utensils etc. As for sleeping bag, we generally advise our guests to bring their own, however, we can also provide sleeping bags at bare minimum laundry charge.

Dan 5
Campsite at Jangothang

Our camp staffs set up camp site, cook your meals and next day take them down.

Gears Provided on Bhutan trek:

  • Sleeping Tent
  • Dinning Tent
  • Toilet Tent
  • Trekking Mattress
  • Small blow Pillow
  • Clean Inner lining for Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Mattress
  • Camp Table & Chairs
  • Cooking Utensils and Food
  • Pack Animals (Horses/mules mostly but Yaks are used in some treks)
  • Duffel Bag (a strong durable sack to put your luggage inside for additional protection)
  • Basic First Aid kit (of what is locally available

Provided on request:

  • Sleeping bag (Cleaning charge or bring your own)
  • Water bottle (light durable water bottle to carry your drinking water)
  • Trekking Poles
  • Rain Pancho
  • If you forget something, we can always borrow our other used gears.


We do not limit your luggage on the trek the trek but suggest that you do not bring too much (may be up to 10-15 kgs each) and store the rest in our office or at the hotel. Sometimes on rare occasion, if the pack animals (horses or yaks) just decided to run away, these luggage come down on our and your backs!

Sleeping Tents:

Sleeping Tents provided are either a Dome or A shaped tents tried and tested for number of years. We have tried and tested so many tents of different brand names and made this choice for their durability, comfort etc. These tents typically fit two person and have room for your luggage. Larger tents can be provided for those requiring three- person. Deluxe camping tents can be requested for certain treks but not most of the treks as the camp sites are small and Deluxe tents are heavy to haul. Deluxe camping tents are large canvas standing tents with beds that usually do not work for trekking campsite. For more details about Deluxe Tents, visit Deluxe Camping Page.


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