BKK(Bangkok) Day Return Flight

BKK(Bangkok) Day Return Flight Anand Thapa
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Due to the demand in traffic for Ex-Bangkok, scheduled flights KB206/207 effective 21Aug up to 31Aug (21Aug, 24Aug,28Aug and 31Aug) will be cancelled and replaced with day return flights to/from BKK as below:
KB120/21AUG/PBHBKK/0800-1200HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (to confirm wait list passengers based on date of booking)
KB121/21AUG/BKKPBH/1300-1500HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)

KB120/24AUG/PBHBKK/0800-1200HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)
KB121/24AUG/BKKPBH/1300-1500HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)

KB120/28AUG/PBHBKK/0800-1200HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)
KB121/28AUG/BKKPBH/1300-1500HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)

KB120/31AUG/PBHBKK/0800-1200HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)
KB121/31AUG/BKKPBH/1300-1500HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)

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