Recovery of Tourism sector in Nepal

Recovery of Tourism sector in Nepal
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The snowcapped mountains, rich cultural diversity, diverse landscape, rivers and lakes, flora and fauna, historical places, and hospitable and friendly people attract tourists to Nepal.

The Pandemic hit hard on the tourism sector in Nepal. Tourism was at a standstill for almost two years. But now, Tourism in Nepal is picking up steadily. Nepal is looking for a post-pandemic revival of the tourism sector. According to the Department of Immigration Nepal, about 200,000 tourists visited Nepal in the past five months, and are looking forward to more tourists arriving this autumn.

There are no travel restrictions in Nepal. Besides, Nepal is 100% safe to travel. The number of Covid-19 cases has considerably decreased. Thanks to the strategy taken by the Government of Nepal to vaccinate its population. The vaccination drive is still going, and there is no risk in traveling to Nepal.

According to the current entry protocol, all travelers traveling to Nepal, regardless of vaccine status: are issued an arrival visa at the port of entry. A vaccination certificate with a CCMC form is required to enter Nepal for fully vaccinated travelers. And a PCR negative report within 72 hours of boarding and a CCMC form for non-vaccinated travelers.

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