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Druk Air Flight Timing Changes June 25, 2014 in Bhutan News & travel Updates | News & Updates | 0 Comments

Please be informed about the flight status for Kolkatta and Kathmandu for Druk Air
PBH stand for Paro, CCUP for Kolkata in India, KTM for Kathmandu
i) Due to minimal load for PBHCCUPBH/27June 2014, Drukair has changed the equipment type from A319 to ATR. As a result, arrival and departure timing for in and out of CCU has been revised as follows:
KB210/27JUN/PBHCCU/0720-0820HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/arrival into CCU delayed by 20minutes.
KB211/27JUN/CCUPBH/0850-1050HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/departure CCU delayed by 10 minutes and arrival into PBH delayed by 30 minutes.
ii) Due to minimal load, equipment type for flight KB210/KB211 of 1Jul and 4Jul has been changed to ATR. Change in equipment type has resulted in revised timings as below:
KB210/01JUL/PBHCCU/1300-1400HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/flight delayed by 5hrs 40minutes
KB210/01JUL/CCUPBH/1430-1630HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/flight delayed by 5hrs 50minutes.
KB210/04JUL/PBHCCU/1230-1330HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/flight delayed by 5hrs 10minutes
KB211/04JUL/CCUPBH/1400-1600HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/flight delayed by 5hrs 20minutes.
iii) Due to minimal load, equipment type for the following flights have been change to ATR with revised timings as follows:
KB210/08JUL/PBHCCU/1340-1440HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep delayed by 6hrs20minutes
KB211/08JUL/CCUPBH/1510-1710HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep delayed by 6hrs30minutes
KB210/11JUL/PBHCCU/1230-1330HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep delayed by 5hrs10minutes
KB211/11JUL/CCUPBH/1400-1600HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep delayed by 5hrs20minutes
KB210/15JUL/PBHCCU/1435-1535HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep delayed by 7hrs15minutes
KB211/15JUL/CCUPBH/1610-1810HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep delayed by 7hrs30minutes

KB210/22JUL/PBHCCU/1100-1200HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep delayed by 3hrs40minutes
KB211/22JUL/CCUPBH/1230-1430HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep delayed by 3hrs50minutes
KB210/25JUL/PBHCCU/1230-1330HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep delayed by 5hrs10minutes
KB211/25JUL/CCUPBH/1400-1600HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep delayed by 5hrs20minutes
iV) Change in equipment type for 15Jul has resulted in revised timings for KB402 and KB403 as below:
KB402/15JUL/PBHKTM/1050-1155HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep preponed by 25minutes
KB403/15JUL/KTMPBH/1230-1405HRS/ATR/TIMES IN LOCAL/dep preponed by 30minutes

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