Helicopter Services in Bhutan

Helicopter Services in Bhutan Anand Thapa
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Helicopter services in Bhutan

Thimphu: On 11 November, 2015, Royal Bhutan Helicopter services LTD launched the first helicopter services in Bhutan.It open up new chapter, boosting and diversifying tourism  in Bhutan.

The service runs from Paro International Airport and offers a new unique transfer to all areas of the country.

The experience will showcase the extraordinary mountainous scenery of Bhutan from an unparalleled vantage point; taking in a bird’s eye view of the country’s most spectacular landscapes, while travelling in style.

It caters mainly for following purposes
1. Tourism – Not only it saves time  travelling but  it also offers breathe taking aerial view of mountains and other landscape.
2.Freight and Cargo – Locally, it serves well to transport the heavy cargo and also for specific tourist. For instance  freight of  some of the  heavy equipment  for  filming and documentary project etc to the remote regions.
3. Rescue Mission – This service comes as a big shot in arm for the trekkers, trekking  Snowman, Jhomolari trek especially in the case of medical emergency or stranded due to sudden change in weather in high mountain or for any other rescue mission.

The Charter fee Structure

Charter per hour for Tourist – USD 5000 + USD 250( Insurance) Total USD 5250.00
Charter per Hour for Freight and Cargo  -USD 5000 + USD 250( Insurance) Total USD 5250.00
Charter per Hour for Rescue Mission – USD 10000 + USD 500( Insurance) Total USD 10500.00
Charter per Hour for Underslung – USD 6000 + USD 300 (Insurance) Total USD 6300.00.

Term and Condition 

  1. The above rate is inclusive of one hour halt time for the round trip and any halt time over one hours will be charged 50% of the actual cost per hour.
  2. Charterer must make 50% of the advance deposit of the estimated cost 72 hours prior to the operation of the flight and balance payment must be settled after the completion of flight trip.
  3. For the cancellation made more than 72 hours before the departure of flight, the advance deposit will be refunded.
  4. For cancellation made less than 72 hours before the departure of the flight, the advance deposit will be forfeited.
  5. No refund of advance deposit in case of the cancellation of flight other than technical disruption.However charterer may be allowed to operate in subsequent date.
  6. For any operation,if fuel positioning is required,then the transport and other related cost on actual will be charged separately
  7. For payment made through credit card, an additional 3.5 of the total amount will be charged as transaction fee. we facilitate only Master and Visa Card.
  8. Currency of payment shall be in equivalent BTN at daily BSR or USD

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