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Drukyul Walking Tour Talo & Paro Tsechu 2012 (March 26 – April 8, 2012)

Dear wonderful people of Windhorse,
Thanks so much for providing us a fantastic opportunity to visit the beautiful and fascinating country of Bhutan. Our guide, Jyampsho, was an absolute joy. One of our reasons for wanting to visit Bhutan was to learn more about Vajrayana Buddhism and we could not have been luckier than to travel with Jampsho who is so knowledgeable about Buddhism, and so generous is sharing his knowledge. We did the Drukyal Walking tour, and thoroughly enjoyed all of the hikes, the sites along the way, and the dzongs, festivals, and all other destinations. Jampsho made me feel very safe, even on steep trails, where my fear of heights was evident. He was organized, thoughtful, and very smart about revising the schedule when there was good reason to do so. Our drivers (Tshering and Kinga) were both excellent and managed the curvy roads with great skill.

We appreciated the organized way Windhorse went about setting up this trip and will recommend you to friends who are looking for a great adventure.

Thanks so much!

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