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Bhutan Private Tour (March 18-24,2012)

Dear Ugen,
I tried to enter my comments into your website but couldn’t figure out how to do so. So, I send you the following paragraph that you may quote.

“My husband and I visited Bhutan for a week in March 2012. I knew ahead of time that as a physically handicapped person I may have some problems climbing up and down the high steps that lead to the dzongs. What I didn’t expect was that we had to climb steps even up to the front door of hotels and up one or even two flights of stairs to restaurants. After seeing my difficulty on the day we arrived, our guide, Sonam, told me when he picked us up the next morning that he had thought of a “way” to carry me. He and our driver, Cham, gallantly picked up my entire wheelchair with me sitting in it and carried me everywhere we went. Fortunately, I weigh only 92 lbs. but since there were steps everywhere, Sonam and Cham had quite a workout every day. Certainly this was service above and beyond the call of duty. Without their willingness to do such heavy work, I definitely could not have seen the interiors of the beautiful dzongs and temples we visited. I love the architectural decorative styles that adorn almost all buildings. Bhutanese are very friendly people and made us feel most welcome.”

Ugen, thanks for arranging this wonderful trip! We were delighted we could meet you in person.

I love the architectural decorative styles that adorn almost all buildings

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