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I have traveled a lot–around 130 countries–and I almost never use an organized tour. I thought I didn’t like them. But this trip changed my mind. Mr. Pema, my guide, was impeccable, as was my driver, Mr. Ugee. They anticipated my every need, were beautifully friendly and polite and quite interesting people. I felt like I was traveling with friends. Mr. Pema was very skillful and knowledgeable as a guide to both the sites and the culture, and we had philosophical as well as historical conversations of some depth.

Windhorse made all the arrangements painless, kept in touch just enough, and everything, top to bottom, was perfectly done. The wifi in hotel rooms, as it is in many countries with a similar economic base, left something to be desired, but that was outside their control, and I’m sure it will continue to improve as the tourist infrastructure continues to grow. My only wish was that I had been able to stay longer and go further into the country.

Glimpses of Bhutan – March 2018

  • Hotels Paro - Rema Hotel
    Thimphu - Namgay Heritage Hotel
    Punakha - Zhingkham Resort
    Paro - Tenzinling Resort
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