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Nabji Korphu Trek (Nov 16 – Dec 01,2011)

Namaste Ugen,
Happy New Year! Sorry that we are so late in letting know about our trip in Nov.
I think that you wanted some feedback about our trek.

We enjoyed our trek very much. It was highlight of our trip in many ways. It is what I remember most.There was confusion on our part regarding tipping our porters and local guides. We would be happy to talk with you about this.Our trip was everything that we expected and more….especially camping above Tiger’s Nest…..hearing Buddhist monks at prayer……

We saw so many beautiful cultural sites and the countryside was spectacular……the only thing that I missed was getting to meet/know the people….a home stay in the countryside or village would’ve been wonderful.We were treated very very well by everyone associated with Wind Horse and I felt like honoured guest but I also felt very removed from the Bhutanese people…..even sharing a meal with a family in their home would’ve been great! I do not know the logistics of this suggestion and perhaps it would not be even possible. Dick and I did have tea with a shop owner when we were able to wander around Bumthang on our own for a few hours. The time that we spent with her is a fond memory.However, there isn’t a single day on our trip that I would “give up” for different experience…… We loved everyday of it!! We were sorry to leave but happy to be our own again as we traveled to Nepal.

We enjoyed our trek very much. It was highlight of our trip in many ways.

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