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Dear Kinga
We would like to thank you and Ugen for a wonderful time in Bhutan. We loved your country and the friendly people there.
Thank goodness there are still places like Bhutan to remind us Westerners of the values and priorities we have forgotten.
Gudu and Jambay were perfect. Jambay even made sure to order our favorite local foods for our last lunch. Truly touching. We were also very impressed that you took the time to have lunch with us and very much enjoyed meeting you. We will recommend Windhorse to our friends for sure.

I provided Gudu and Jambay with a CD with the pictures I took of them during our trip but forgot one of Jambay at the Art Cafe in Thimphu.
I would be very grateful if you could please e-mail Jambay this picture.

Many thanks again for everything

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