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We would like to thank you for organizing a very interesting and trouble-free trip. All the guides and drivers were excellent – we submitted a report on those in Bhutan but the others were excellent as well.
There were were two occasions when problems could have occured that I would draw to your attention, not as criticisms, but to avoid problems in future tours.

Apparently one needs a visa-type document to enter Sikkim. Fortunately we had brought a spare set of passport pictures with us so, with them, our guide was able to obtain this document when we entered Sikkim in about 15 minutes. A copy of this is attached. If you are otganizing future tours, I think it would be adfvisable to suggest that participants have a spare set of passport picturs with them. Or possibly this permit could be secured in advance.

When we arrived in Bangkok in the early morning on the trip home, we had been without sleep for more than 24 hours, We wanted to check in to our hotel tight away. Fortunately the hotel was not busy so we were able to do so (at extra cost)

For future tours, I suggest that you offer clients this opportunity in advance. We would have been most unhappy if we had had to wait in the lobby until mid afternoon when rooms normally are ready.

Again I want to say that we think your company is really good – the suggestions are intended to make you even better.

Marg and Ken S

  • From Woodbridge Ontario, Cananda
  • Travelled Date 20071024
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