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Some highlights that were possible because of the flexibility & willingness of Pema, Yeshe & Gudu.Visiting with village people especially the first camping night when they came down to our bonfire at dinner & we celebrated together a birthday of one of our group. One woman made her a scarf, 3 young girls choreographed a few dances to Bhutanese music. Chef made a bday cake. It was very festive & wonderful. The lovely tents having been set up, in all of our camping nights was a blessing & accommodations were way more sophisticated than expected. 

In another village we were all invited into a home of an extended family who served us tea & baked rice goodies. All spontaneous & very loving & out of the blue.

Saving the puppies was a highlight. It could not have been implemented without the gracious permission & help from P,Y & G. I can’t praise them enough!!!!!!

Some of us were interested in the 1/2 marathon that was being held close to hotel on departing day. They arranged it so that we could stop & participate in the cheering on of the first finalists. Same with an archery meet. We passed by, had interest so we stopped & watched.

Compliments to our cooking crew who were excellent!!!! 3 hot meals a day with snacks & all very very good. I wondered what the media meant when they said you don’t go to Bhutan for the food. I was expecting not to be able to eat anything. We all commented on how much better our camping food was than the hotels. Don’t get me wrong. Choice of hotels was great.

I was not prepared for the difficulty of the climbing. I had been sick in India & less in shape than I thought. Also the oldest of the group.

Excuses aside, I loved the hiking but was humiliated (I guess that’s a personal issue. Was very difficult to not measure up). Once again Pema & Yeshe were there for me & Gudu also on the Tiger’s Nest climb. I only made it 1/2 way which was disappointing (again personal-ego)

So, this is just a little more of details of tour.

We all felt so taken care of being treated like royalty really. Dream come true.

THANK YOU very much for gifting me / us with your BEAUTIFUL BOOK of Bhutan & car sticker.

Book is magnificent & I will proudly drive around with sticker.

Nabji Korphu Trek & Tour ( Feb 21 -March 04,2019)

  • Hotels Gelephu - Hotel Kingacholing
    Camp - Tent
    Trongsa - Yangkhil Resort
    Gangtey - Hotel Dewachen
    Punakha - Zhingkham Resort
    Thimphu - Hotel Druk
    Paro - Hotel Gangtey Palace
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