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Dear all,
Thank you for giving me an unforgettable experience in Bhutan, although I personally would had wished for more trekking, maybe another trip.
First of all – BIG thanks to Pema and Yeshey for their guideness through Bhutan and always being so positive and kind hearted.
Also BIG thanks to Gudu for the absolute spotless driving.
As we often said on the trip – We miss you Gudu!
Here is some more feedback:
*Would be great if you could update your links on what to bring on trips and also on your own equipment.
*Also great to inform travellers to bring enough cash, because the ATM’s are not reliable.
*Tipping – it felt that we had to tip so much more than expected, to more people.
Such information should be highlighted, because it becomes a big problem when there is no money, and also when in remote places it is hard to tip in US dollars.
*Would be good if the guides had Power banks to be able to charge phones etc when trekking. They need to be able to contact help if necessary. They should not rely on us guest to be able to charge their phones.
*Also good, I believe, that the guides should always bring a small pack with them with a First Aid kit, even on small walks to Temples etc. Anyone can step wrongly and sprain an ankle or anything can happen and they should be prepared. Does not need to be a big pack, maybe just a hip back.
*I know that the weather can change quickly, but good to have some knowledge of the weather forecast, to be able to change plans ahead rather on the road.
*Trekking equipment, I felt that many things was not necessary to carry along the trek by the porters – like platsic tables, toilet tents, sleeping mats (they were so big), big lunch!? All very nice of you, but we can manage without a table for one or two nights! Felt bad for the porters to carry unnecessary stuff.
*The food on the trekking was THE BEST! The cook / cooks were amazing, and the chili cheese – wow. The lunches were great, but sometimes walking you don’t always need a big lunch, a sandwich and small snacks will do and then we can eat more in the evening.
Once again – Thank you for taking me to Bhutan. I want to come back and hike Snowman Track!

Nabji Korphu Trek & Tour (Feb 21 – March 24,2019)

  • Hotels Gelephu Hotel Kingacholing
    Camp Tent
    Trongsa Yangkhil Resort
    Gangtey Hotel Dewachen
    Punakha Zhingkham Resort
    Thimphu Hotel Druk
    Paro Hotel Gangtey Palace
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