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Sylvia and Family Bhutan Tour Dec. 2011

Dear Ugen and Jambay:
I am back home and am looking over the photos that I took during the trip to Bhutan in December 2011. The photos are very beautiful. It is not because I am a skilled photographer but simply because the places in Bhutan, the dzong, the goemba, the lhakhang, the people, and the landscape are very beautiful and it seems that I couldn’t get enough photos to capture these beauty. I would like to thank both of you to all your help and information during preparation of my trip. The trip went very well and I am very satisfied with the service provided by your tour guide, Karma, and your driver, Baliman.

Karma is very young but he is funny and he knows all the histories of all the places we visited. He explained about Buddhism in great detail with so much enthusiasm to the point that I pulled out my diary and started to write down what he said. We have difficulties recognizing all the gods and deities in the paintings or sculptures. Karma was very patient and repeated what he explained previously. We specially thanked him for helping our mother climbing up and down to Takshang Goemba. My mother has difficulties going down the hill and Karma was literally holding on her hands and trying to find non-slippery stepping stones for my mother all the way down.

Baliman is a very skillful driver. I was a bit worried about the road conditions in Bhutan, especially the long drive between Thimpu to Pobjikha Valley. We brought so many ginger teas from Indonesia to combat the nausea but we didn’t even have to drink one since Baliman was able to maneuver those crazy turns safely. We never feel nauseous while he was driving us in Bhutan. He managed to keep the car and the window clean all the times.

Again, thank you very much and if I ever have a chance to come back to Bhutan, I would certainly give you a call.

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