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We had the privilege of finally taking the Above the Clouds trek we had booked before Covid. It was FABULOUS. I had expected three things: that the trek would be hard, that it would be beautiful, and that Wind Horse would take good care of us. I was not disappointed.

The trek was hard, but I expect, for me, it would have been hard at any age (I’m 67).

The scenery was spectacular. Chomolhari and Jichu Drake were elusive in the clouds early on, but by the end of the trip the sky was clear and blue and all the peaks were visible—and Yonten (our guide) made sure we went to places we could see them after the trek. Even in late October the wildflowers were abundant.

Wind Horse took great care of us. Yonten’s English, cultural knowledge, sense of humor, trekking experience and interactions with the locals were unparalleled. His consideration for our safety and comfort always came first. He patiently answered our every question, including all the (probably inappropriate!) personal ones. We could not have asked for better company.

The drivers were the BEST, regardless of the scary road conditions and traffic (dogs, cows, trucks) challenges.

The food was perfect: varied and plentiful, and the cook always made sure we had special treats for tea, drinking water and, at night, hot water bottles for our sleeping bags. The sleeping pads were thick and comfortable. The assistant cook was amazing in his strength and speed and ability to provide hot tea and lunch wherever we were on the trail.

The Bhutanese people along the way were the best part—calm, happy, helpful, smiling, curious. Even the ponies were a treat to step aside for! I’ve returned to the US with a new appreciation for the incredible kindness of the Bhutanese and hope I can reflect it in my own actions here at home. Thanks for the opportunity, Wind Horse!

Above theClouds trek, Oct. 2022

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