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Wind Horse is Himalayas’ market leader in destination management, with substantial competitive advantage in this business segment. Due to our long association with this region, we now command strong respect as a highly professional organization with regional expertise accrued over years of growth. We are grateful to the Travel Agents community for business and support they have provided to us all these years. And we promise to continue working hard for you and your clients.

About Wind Horse
With a group of fervent guides and professional travel experts, Wind Horse Tours was officially launched in early 1998 in Bhutan as a small Destination Management Company. Today, we have grown to become a sizeable network of offices and staffs located all over Indian subcontinent, with the sales office in the USA. All our in-country offices are managed by experienced local professionals, who also have shares and partnership in the company. We take a pride in having the best team and owe our success to collaborative experience and contacts.

Wind Horse has met and exceeded all accreditation service standards of local authorities and associations. The sales office in USA is backed by 24/7 team in India, and acts as the co-ordination centre between our agents and in-country operations offices. All inquiries for private or custom trips are handled independently by each of the offices and managed in the central reservation system.

We have often been questioned on our reservations and inhibitions to extending our style of travel

servicesto other countries in the region, but we have resisted it. By staying true to our roots, we are able to focus and constantly improve the way we do things, respond to changes and add new ideas. These heighten your clients’ travel experience, as well as uphold your reputation by providing the best support as is expected of local Destination Management Company.

Perfecting Each Experience
Our goal is to provide a seamless travel experience for your clients. The personal touch is a key. Our representatives on the ground are constantly checking in with each client to ensure their comfort and are available at all times through-out their trip.

Competitive Rates & Good value
We pride ourselves on having the most attractive pricing strategies in the region. We have contract rates with most of the hotels, from high-end to budget categories that will fit the requirements of your clients. Because we have been providing these services for a long time, we have the right connections and volume to command the most attractive price.

Rapid Response
All quotations and booking requests are answered promptly and accurately with no exceptions. Our experienced reservation staffs have a clear understanding of the client’s individual needs and are capable of providing tailor-made proposals including creative and unique ideas.

Innovative Online System
With our in-house IT team, we have designed software over last 5 years that meet the requirements of our trade. This helps us to integrate sales, operation and coordinating team without a flaw.

Always Updated
We provide frequent product updates and suggestions of new itineraries through an e-newsletter and news-update system. You can count on us to keep you updated of each destination we cover, whether it is a new event, flight schedule changes, additional services or new areas opening in the region etc.

Standard, Stability & Emergencies…
All our operational offices are fully licensed and financially stable. All guides and drivers are thoroughly trained and licensed. All our vehicles and suppliers are undergoing frequent quality checks by our customer service team to ensure that our quality remains on a high level. Should any emergencies occur, we have the connections, contacts and experience to handle them. Our operation team at the airport, office and fields are accessible 24/7.

Full Range of Services…
From concept and design, through flawless operation, we give you the best that Himalayas and India can offer! As local experts, we manage everything that a Destination Management Company is ought to do. Time after time, we have managed charters, large and small events, taken filming crews, handled all sorts of specialized tours and treks for individuals and large groups! So as your ground partner, you never have to use different companies for different kind of destination management.

Count on us to make you proud..
We fully understand and value working with travel agents and even if your clients elect to contact us directly, we protect your commission. We appreciate the effort that goes on to making each sales and therefore it’s our duty to satisfy each of your clients, to open doors not available to others, to arrange preferred seating, to make available the unavailable and to make you proud. We will represent and display your banner wherever possible and uphold your image. It is our responsibility and desire to learn about new activities, and any changes in the areas we cover and to keep you abreast of them at all times. We recognize that it is also vital that we are competitive without cutting the corners, and so you can be assured of the best value. Thus to sum it up, it is in our own interest to keep you ahead of your competitors in professionalism, service and value and allow you more time to focus on the sales. You can count on us to be around whenever you need professional assistance.


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Difference with Windhorse

Wind Horse Tours is well established adventure travel outfitter since 1998. We specialise in small group journeys and personalised custom private trips to Bhutan, India, Nepal and Tibet. Guide Books, Bhutan Tourism and several popular travel organisation recognises Wind Horse Tours as a leading tour operator for the region.

Windhorse Tours - Effortless Booking

Effortless Booking

Simple, user-friendly steps for seamless and stress-free reservation experience.

Windhorse Tours - Top Guides

Top Guides

We use select Few Guides who embody studiousness, honesty, empathy, and genuine passion for travel

Windhorse Tours - Good Network

Good Network

With our well-connected local network, your travel experience will be seamlessly smooth.

Windhorse Tours - Priced Right

Priced Right

Fair Prices, ensuring value for money and satisfying travel experience.

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