Film making in Bhutan

Film making in Bhutan

Filming in Bhutan – A great way to travel and explore Bhutan!

Bhutan allows foreign TV documentary, Films, Advertisements, Music Videos and TV series to be videoed in Bhutan. So, customize your tour to Bhutan for commercial or non-commercial video making. Be one of the first ones to capture the hidden culture and breathtaking landscapes of Bhutan. Make exciting television documentaries on subjects that have never been aired before! Bring your next film projects, video advertisements and TV series to Bhutan and make it a unique production.

Your video projects could include but not limited to capturing the colorful festivals, culture, landscape, lifestyle, magnificent views of the world’s highest peaks and valleys. Zoom in closer and video Bhutanese textiles, historic artifacts and other subjects of your interest.

Bring your ideas for all types of documentary including primitive non-fiction, travel-adventure documentary, camera as observer, didactic-teaching documentary and television documentary with internet web casting. Possibilities are endless.

Creating a successful documentary film or video requires visual substance that sets forth the statement of the film in visual terms. And you need more than a plain event or a site. Bhutan is a prime area for documentarians to uncover history and biography to recall the past events in Bhutan. Rarely, one has combined the past and present of Bhutan as a way of understanding or influencing events in present Bhutan. Bring together events out of the past and show how they are tied together in present-day phenomena in the Himalayas and around the world.

Formulate investigative documentaries and enjoy a rigorous search for the truth and dig for all the facts to find out how Bhutan remained unknown to the world and stayed unattainable for British to make Bhutan as one of their colonies!

There are also numerous activities in Bhutan to compare and contrast to make persuasive advocacy documentaries. Explore the possibility of making an advocacy documentary in Bhutan to bring attention of the public to issues and events that people either don’t know about or have ignored.

Bhutan has a lot to offer filmmakers scouting for unspoiled and spectacular locations. Wind Horse has the capacity to do any service task needed for a successful production. Furthermore, we provide reliable access to the best professional networks, talent and logistical facilities required for your project completion.

Wind Horse has partnered with the leading film production company in Bhutan and we can offer professional audio and video rental equipments. We can arrange professional ENG video cameras, HD cameras, heavy duty tripods, lighting kits, cranes, tracks and other equipment as required during your planning session with us.

Our dedicated staff will put forth every effort to make your next film location site a success within budget, on time, and in your preferred area. Contact us to explore your possibilities and we will be very pleased to help guide you into your next picture perfect film location in Bhutan. You come with your video project ideas and Wind Horse will take care of all the logistics for location scouting and management. Wind Horse will secure all your official and government permits, accommodation arrangements, crew hire, all domestic transportation, security, set construction, on set catering and any other needs to make your project a big success!

Make your on Travel Video Diary !

If you want to document your travel in Bhutan with a Video and photos, let us know and we can arrange a cameraman to travel with you, take great shots of your travel, and at the end of your trip, compile a video that you can share with your loved ones. This is yours to share and keep as a memoir.

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