Customize Bhutan Trip

Customize Bhutan Trip

Indicate your interest and customize your unique personalized trip to Bhutan. As native expert, with years of experience leading trips in Bhutan, and with vast international travel exposure, we can understand and assist in customizing a your dream holiday in Bhutan.

You decide on the scope of your trip, including your personal goals, duration of trip, places of interest and the highlights you want to experience. When you are ready, e-mail or call and talk to a live person from one of our Offices. Discuss your ideas and formulate a general plan. Discuss in detail, your physical and logistical requirements of your trip as well as your abilities and preparations.

Wind Horse will assist you create your trip according to your needs and provide you with a uniquely designed itinerary just for your trip. In addition, consult with us for air tickets, insurance, medical needs, logistics and any additional services or arrangements you’d like for your trip.

Once set, a native of Bhutan, fluent in English, will guide your personalized journey, giving you the experience like no other.

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Difference with Windhorse

Wind Horse Tours is well established adventure travel outfitter since 1998. We specialise in small group journeys and personalised custom private trips to Bhutan, India, Nepal and Tibet. Guide Books, Bhutan Tourism and several popular travel organisation recognises Wind Horse Tours as a leading tour operator for the region.

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Effortless Booking

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With our well-connected local network, your travel experience will be seamlessly smooth.

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