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Languages in Bhutan

Bhutan Languages – Learn words and short phrases

Dzongkha is the National Language of Bhutan. Owing to the mountainous divide, many dialects (at least 7 major dialects such as Bumthap, Kurtoep, Khenga, Tsangla etc) that are quite different from National language is spoken in Bhutan. Nepali is also widely spoken as ethnic Nepalese constitute  substantial part of the population. Due to border with India, Hindi is understood and spoken.  English is medium of learning in the Schools, and so you will be pleasantly surprised that almost everyone can speak or understand English.

Some words and Bhutanese Phrases:

  • Hello – Kuzuzangpo la
  • Thank you – Kadrin Chey la
  • My name is John – Ney gi ming John inn la
  • What is your name ? – Chhey gi Ming Gha chi Mo
  • How much ? Gaa Dam Chi Mo la
  • Bye: Tashi Deleck
  • One: Chig
  • Two: Ngee
  • Three: Sum
  • Four: Shiee
  • Five: Ngaa
  • Six: Drug
  • Seven: Duen
  • Eight: Gay
  • Nine: Guu
  • Ten: Chu Tham
  • One hundred: Jaa
  • Food: Shay Go
  • Women Dress: Kira
  • Men Dress: Gho
  • Shoes: Lham


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