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Sakewa(Kirat festival)

Sakewa is one of the most significant cultural and religious festivals for the Kirat Khambu Rai community in Sikkim. Celebrated as a homage to Mother Earth, it commences by performing Bhumi Puja followed by community dances and other rituals. Entire state comes alive during the colourful festivities of Sakewa with sounds of drums and cymbals reverberating in the air, and people all around the corners soaking themselves in the aura of merry making and celebrations.

The Kirat Rai people are believed to be some of the most ancient people of Himalayas. They are said to be nature worshippers and this tradition of theirs offering reverence to nature gods, praying for the well-being of all living creatures around the world, has been existing since ancient times.

Sakewa(Kirat festival)
Festival Name Place 2020 2021
Sakewa(Kirat festival) sikkim and darjeelingDec 31-Dec 31