Dekeling Resort

Darjeeling, Darjeeling Council, India

Dekeling Hawk's Nest Resort is a small family run Guest house with four suites in a restored 19th century British Mansion. The Mansion was constructed in the late 19th century by Sir William Ferguson Ducat. The mansion is typical of those built by British of the Raj period who favoured Darjeeling as a summer retreat from the heat of the Indian plains. Recently restored to its original splendour by the Dekeva family. Hawk's Nest is now available for discerning vacationers and honeymooners looking for a very special experience; quiet, peaceful, large rooms and bathrooms with good views and family experience.
Each of the four luxury suites include two large rooms, cable television plus a large private bath with adequate supply of hot and cold water. The authentic wood and glass work in each room is complemented by original tiled fireplaces, carefully restored to working order. A supply of fuel is always at hand and there is always a staff around to assist in keeping a warm glow in the hearth, to bring delicious meals from our Resort kitchen. Each suite enjoys a view of our floral gardens and the Darjeeling hills, crowned by the spectacular Kanchenjunga range.

Wind Horse note & review: We have known Dekeva family who owns and runs this property for over 10 years. Dekevas and their extended families are warm, welcoming and hospital. Dekeling resort’s rooms itself is the best in Darjeeling. It is a highly recommended place for our guests to stay. The location is not the best. The family also runs a simple hotel in the town famous with budget tourists, which is located right in center of the town.
Here is what Frommers Guide describes about Dekeling Resort.
This guesthouse (resort is an ill-chosen descriptor) is the best value-for-money deal in town. A stiff, athletic climb leads you to "Hawke's Nest," the colonial bungalow with a commanding location high above the town, now re-dubbed Dekeling Resort. Prayer flags flutter around this 120-year-old green-roofed, bay-windowed, two-leveled, all-suite cottage offering simple comfort, effortless charm, and complete privacy. There's a small, one-table dining room where breakfasts and home-cooked meals are served; or you can be served in bed, which the obliging staff of two will arrange. Ask for a double bed in an upstairs room; accommodations there are huge and charming, with wood floors, carved antique dressers, Tibetan rugs, pale floral fabrics, and lovely fireplaces. Bathrooms have large drench showers and plenty of natural light. This is a true haven if you don't mind the 20-minute walk to The Mall.