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Tshering Dorji

With every passing day, Tshering Dorji is learning the trade in leaps and bound. He is a great assistance to Yonten Zamtsho, (operational manager). Ensuring the maintenance of high quality  that we expect. He has keen eyes for the  details, and competency to execute it.

Although he joined in March 2015, he is already turning out to be a great asset to Wind Horse Tours, Thimphu. And with major in Computer science, he provides nuts and bolts to all our IT applications and also ensuring that our technology are up to date and secure.

In his free time, he likes to play around with computer application  and listen to his all time favourite – Beatle and old Dzongkha songs.

guest reviews

  • Tour Bhutan Trip Date:
    Oct - Nov, 2017

    In October / November we went to North India and Bhutan for two weeks. We did not have a good idea beforehand about what to expect from Bhutan, but it was absolutely incredible! The country was fantastic, the people friendly and the organizationof Windhorse was really great! Our guide Tshering was not only very friendly and funny, but also very flexible and he showed a lot. It was a holiday which we will not forget and absolutely above expectations!Highly recommended! Keep up the good work :)

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  • Bhutan Cultural Tour Zurich, Switzerland Trip Date:

    We traveled to several different festivals in numerous cities, mixed with a few short hikes in between. A once in a lifetime experience. We loved the dances, the colourful costumes, and the journey through Bhutan. Thanks to our marvellous guide Tshering with the support of driver Kencho, the visits to all the monasteries and castles were a great cultural inspiration. Teaching us Dzongkha expressions and songs made the long drives through the impressive mountains a very entertaining trip. We would highly recommend it. Thank you!

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  • Bhutan Tour for Lehman Wilen , Switzerland. Trip Date:
    Oct 04 - 12, 2015

    Bhutan Tour for Lehman Dear Anand Thank you for contacting me regarding our trip to Bhutan. We only just returned from China, that's why I didn't get back to you earlier. Our trip to Bhutan was the highlight of our entire trip in Asia (in total 6 weeks) and we are very happy we've chosen your company. There is simply nothing we could complain about. There have been so many highlights: - The perfect mixture of culture, nature, good food and personal encounters with the people of Bhutan - Our guide Thinley Wangchuck, who fulfilled every single wish of us - along with our friendly

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Small Group Journeys Small Group Journeys are set date trips (Scheduled Trips) designed for Travel with a small group of kindred-spirits travelers, sharing the enjoyment and experience of the destination(s).

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Private Journeys Join-in Group is a small group trip, that begins when one or two call to set up a tour for themselves according to their wishes and invite others to join.

Bhutan Airlines Representative

Bhutan Air Representative

Wind Horse is appointed the Bhutan Airlines Representative in USA. We are continue to patronise Druk Airlines, the national carrier of Bhutan.

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Desi Journeys by Wind Horse Tours

Desi Journeys is collection of trips to Bhutan & beyond...

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