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Dear Postak,

The trip is excellent , the guide and the driver takes very very good care of me through out the whole trip. They even take good care of me and help me out on the days when I am on my own. The guide can speak fluent Manadarin and English and she is considerate and helpful. The driver is very experienced, he checked the car thoroughly whenever a long trip is made and he can smell any abnormalites on the way.


The only one thing that I am not happy with is the local agent’s trip to Namtso Lake. If the person concerned tell me that I will join the a group of 20 people I am sure I will not even try. We started the tour at around 7:40 but ends up at 9pm, and the guide of that tour is very terrible, he went to three different places and asked the tourists to visit and go shopping. But there is one guy who is having Altitude illness and I am not feeling well with my stomach. But he paid no regards to this and asked me to do him a favour to walk around these shopping places so he can have some profits. But I told him that I am sick and I preferred to stay on the bus, he was angry and at the end of the trip he just left the whole group of people outside these shopping places and focused on helping an elderly couple for buying things so all of us take a taxi back home by ourselves.

I think Postak you did a very very good job I wll recommend or I will actually join your group some time in future. This is a very very happy journey and I really enjoyed every moments in Tibet.

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