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Dear Anand and Ugyen,
Dear Laki,
What a phenomenal holiday! You have a lovely country and very nice fellow citizens.
Though there was a 6 hours delay at the day of arrival – rain in Paro obstructed the sight – we were still able to see a bit of the town. Mr. Yonten took us to a temple and gave a good first impression. As for the itinerary, the trip was and adventure in itself with all the road works. The flight to Bumthang was perfect, but 2 nights in the village might just seem a bit too long. We could have condensed it a bit more at that stage. Also, the hotel in Bumthang was not exactly the best value for money I believe. Though the rooms were brand new, they were not finished and had some child diseases. The food at the hotel can be improved.
As for the rest, great trip, great views, nice people… Bumthang, Trongsan and Punakha were very nice experiences. The last-day climb to the Tiger’s nest unbelievable! By the way the hotels in Punakha, Timphu and Paro were very good. The trip has given us the real feeling of Bhutan, I believe. We enjoyed very much the company of our travel guide – who turned out to be an expert carpenter as well. Just ask Leki about Bhutanese windows – he has turned into an expert after our trip J And although we were faced with 2 car accidents – both not the driver’s fault! – we took the situation at “zen”. Our driver was responsible and had perfect grip on those narrow winding high-altitude mountain trails…
So all in all very positive and I thank you again for the assistance. Worth a strong recommendation!
All the best
TID 8753 Guide Lheki

What a phenomenal holiday! You have a lovely country and very nice fellow citizens.

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