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Vehicle for Tourists in Bhutan

Transport in Bhutan for tourists

Bhutan’s main highway is about 1.5 or 2 lanes wide, with lots of beds and bumps. There is constantly some road work going on as the road is being widened, or resurfaced. However the scenery on your drives will make up for any inconveniences and our drivers have a reputation to making everyone feel safe. Average speed at which our vehicle drive on Bhutan is approx 35-50 kms per hour. To ease the discomfort and to keep the fatigue at bay, comfortable transport is the priority. At Wind Horse we regularly update our fleet of transport, upgrade/custom their seats, upholding comfort and safety at the pinnacle.Wind Horse guest can travel in Bhutan with medium-sized buses (20-22 passenger seats), small buses (8-12  passenger seats) , Vans (up to 5 guests, 1 driver & 1 Guide) or SUV for up to 2 people and pick-up truck for multi adventure trips so that the bikes and gears can fit.

Larger SUVs such as Land Cruisers, Land Cruiser Prado, Range Rover are available at premium costs.

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