Nepal Festivals

Nepal Festivals

Nepal is a diverse country with a varied landscape, rich biodiversity, and culture. People live in the Himalayas, Hills, and the Terai regions from east to west. Each community has its own unique culture and traditions. Each of them has its own set of beliefs and festivals to celebrate. They celebrate many different festivals. Although most of these festivals are religious, some have historical significance, while others are seasonal and legendary celebrations. Nepalese religion has been influenced and has always been the core of Nepali culture.

Festivals such as Dashain and Tihar are of national significance, and Bisket Jatra or Rato Machchhendranath Jatra belong to the traditions of the old valley towns. And still others, such as Chat, Losar is observed only by a particular ethnic community. The vivid cultural diversity of Nepal is seen in the different festival celebrations.

Below is a list of some of the festivals celebrated by the people in Nepal.

2023 Festival Dates for Nepal

Festival Name Place From Till
Tamu Lhosar Nepal Dec 30, 2023