Change in aircraft and timing on 15 and 19 May

14 May 2014

Due to the demand in traffic for KTMPBHKTM, Druk Air requires to change the aircraft type to A319 on the following dates:KB400/15MAY/PBHKTM/1045-1130HRS/A319/ALL TIMES IN LOCAL/DEP PBH DELAYED BY 3HRS 45MINUTES KB401/15MAY/KTMPBH/1210-1325HRS/A319/ALL TIMES IN LOCAL/DEP KTM DELAYED BY 3HRS 25MINUTES KB400/19MAY/PBHKTM/1100-1145HRS/A319/ALL TIMES IN LOCAL/ARRIVAL INTO KTM 20MINUTES EARLIER KB401/19MAY/KTMPBH/1230-1345HRS/A319/ALL TIMES IN LOCAL/ARRIVAL INTO PBH 25MINUTES EARLIERDruk-air-flight