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Black-necked Crane || Black-necked Crane or Thrung Trung Karmo

-˜Thrung Trung Karmo' as this bird is passionately known in Bhutan is the subject of many Bhutanese songs and folklore. The birds are considered as the holy messenger, symbol of peace and prosperity. These graceful birds are so culturally important that they're seen among the paintings on the walls of home, temples and Thangkas. In Phobjikha, farmers believe the birds' presence ensures a healthy crop and tourists travel from around the world to see them. The wetland in the center of Phobjikha valley provides the nesting grounds and natural habitat for these black necked cranes. Black Necked Crane Information Centre is situated on the edge of the forest and wetland along the main road of Phobjikha, it has an observation room equipped with high power telescope and spotting scopes for catching the best view of the cranes. The centre also offers information that outline the natural and cultural history of the area.