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Bumthang || Jakar

Bumthang District, often referred to as the spiritual heartland of Bhutan, is a region of great historical and cultural significance. It is one of Bhutan's 20 dzongkhags (districts) and stands out for its wealth of ancient temples and sacred sites.

This district comprises four distinct mountain valleys: Ura, Chumey, Tang, and Choekhor, collectively known as Bumthang Valley. The main town center, located in Jakar, is often synonymous with the entire district. The name "Bumthang" translates to "beautiful field," with "thang" signifying a field or flat place and "bum" describing its shape, reminiscent of a vessel for holy water.

Bumthang is celebrated for its agricultural productivity, yielding crops such as wheat, buckwheat, dairy products, and potatoes. It is particularly renowned nationwide for its yatha and bumthna matha weaving traditions. While various dialects are spoken in the region, the primary language is Bumthangkha.

Often dubbed the "Switzerland of the East," Bumthang captivates visitors with its expansive valleys, lush countryside, snow-capped mountains, and swiftly flowing mountain streams. The district is divided into four primary valleys: Chokhor, Tang, Chhume, and Ura, with Chhoekhor Gewog being the largest.

At the heart of Bumthang lies Jakar Dzong, a fortress situated on a ridge above Jakar town in the Chamkhar valley. It was constructed on the site of an earlier temple founded by Yongzin Ngagi Wangchuk.

Bumthang's natural beauty and spiritual significance make it a cherished destination for both Bhutanese residents and tourists. It holds a special place in Bhutan's history as the spiritual birthplace of the nation, where Guru Rinpoche's healing of a local king from a spirit-induced ailment in the 8th century led to the widespread adoption of Buddhism. Notable Buddhist figures like Pema Lingpa were born in Bumthang, and the region is home to numerous sacred artifacts and monasteries, cementing its reputation as a guardian of Bhutan's religious and cultural heritage.

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