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Gangtey Gompa Monastery

Gangteng Monastery, also known as Gangtey Sangngak Choling, was established in 1613 by the first Gangteng Tulku, Rigdzin Pema Tinley (1564–1642). He was the grandson of Bhutan's renowned "treasure revealer," Terton Pema Lingpa. The current leader of the monastery is the 9th Gangteng Tulku reincarnation
Located on the spur, Gangtey Monastery commands a breathtaking view of the expansive Phobjikha Valley.

Gangteng Monastery, also known as Gangtey Gompa or Gantey Sangngak Choling ccupies a pristine location atop a forested hill, offering panoramic views of the lush Phobjikha valley. The complex encompasses the main goemba, monks' residences, a guesthouse, and meditation centers. An extensive restoration effort from 2001 to 2008 replaced much of the interior and exterior woodwork.

The grandson and reincarnation of Pema Lingpa, Pema Thinley, laid the foundation for a temple here in 1613. The larger monastery was later built by the second reincarnation, Tenzing Legpey Dhendup. Presently, the ninth reincarnation of Pema Lingpa's 'body,' Kunzang Pema Namgyal, leads Gangtey Goemba.

The goemba's prayer hall, or tshokhang, showcases Tibetan architectural influence with 18 grand pillars surrounding a unique three-story inner atrium, making it one of Bhutan's largest. The inner sanctum holds the funeral chorten of founder Tenzing Legpey Dhendup.

A monastic college or Shedra is located a bit further up the hill.

Tsechu, the popular Bhutanese festival that is held all over Bhutan in all major monasteries and in district towns in Bhutan, is also held here from the 5th to 10th days of the eighth lunar month, as per the Bhutanese calendar. 
Each year on 11 November, the Crane Festival is also held here.