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Bumdrak -Taktsang-Paro || Hike from Bumdrak to Takstang - Paro

Enjoy the sunrise view, climb higher to the peaks, or hang prayer flags.
Following breakfast, embark on an exciting hike. The trail descends and enters the pine and rhododendron forest, following a zigzag path. After 1-2 hours of hiking, you'll arrive at Yosel Choerkhorling and Ugyen Tshemo Lhakhang. The latter is named so because it is situated right on top of Taktsang Monastery's ridge. From this point, descend a bit to cross a stream, and a short climb will bring you to Zangdopelri Temple, which offers an incredible view of Taktsang Monastery from above.
After Zangdopelri, a steeper and more challenging trail leads you through a small temple built into a cave, which is believed to be the site where Machig Labdron, a female tantric practitioner, meditated. This trail eventually brings you to the viewpoint.
Alternatively, you can take a wider trail from Zangdopelri to reach the viewpoint. Here, you will encounter tourists and pilgrims following the regular trail to visit Taktsang Monastery.
Taktsang Monastery is now situated directly across the ravine and may seem quite close. However, it will take another half hour or so to reach it. You'll begin by descending a series of stone steps with rails, leading down to the waterfall. Afterward, you'll need to climb up a set of stone steps to reach the main monastery.
Taktsang (3120m), known as 'Tiger's Nest,' stands as one of the most revered and awe-inspiring sights in Bhutan. Its beauty and location are truly breathtaking, as it clings to the sheer face of a 900-meter cliff. Legend has it that in the 8th century, Guru Rinpoche flew here on the back of a tigress and meditated for an auspicious three years, three months, and three days. Since then, many spiritual masters have sought solitude in the cave here. The monastery that commemorates this auspicious beginning was originally built clinging to the cliff in the 17th century. Over the years, it has undergone several replacements and renovations, with a major reconstruction completed in 2005 following a devastating fire that had consumed the structure and its contents in 1998.
Inside, visitors can explore several temples and shrines within Taktsang. After the visit, the trek downhill to the roadhead will take about two hours to arrive at 2600m.