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Bumdrak Trek from Sang Cho Khor || Trek to Bumdra

Upon reaching Sangchokhor Buddhist College (2850m), you will be met by a pony to carry your luggage. In most cases, our support staff from the campsite will take care of your belongings. The path begins to climb gradually, and after approximately 2 hours, you'll arrive at Chhoe Tse Lhakhang temple, which typically serves as our lunch spot (3600m). As you ascend further, the trail winds through pine and rhododendron forests, eventually leading to a high, expansive meadow adorned with chortens and prayer flags. This meadow also doubles as a campsite for nomadic Yak herders. A short distance away, you'll find your campsite (3800m). The tented camps here are simple and basic, providing beds and bedding. It's crucial to pack plenty of warm layers, as temperatures can drop significantly right after sunset.
Not far from the campsite, there's a temple affixed to rocks. Bumdrak, which translates to 'Rock of One Hundred Thousand Footprints,' is steeped in legend. It is said that during Guru Rinpoche's visit in the 8th century, a hundred thousand dakinis (angels) descended here, leaving their footprints behind.
After visiting the temple, and if time permits, you can embark on an uphill hike later in the evening or early the next morning. This hike to the peak involves a steep climb of approximately 300 meters, reaching around 4100m in elevation. The duration of this climb can vary from half an hour to an hour. On a clear day, the views are truly astounding. Additionally, these peaks and the nearby ones have historically been used as Sky-burial sites, where families would bring the bodies of children who passed away at a young age.