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Lungchutse Hike

Starting at Dochula Pass (3100m), the trail gradually ascends through a forest of hemlock, birch, and rhododendron. It's a well-marked path winding through ancient forests with towering trees. The total distance is around 4 km, and it takes approximately two hours with moderate effort to reach Lungchutse at 3560m. Here, you'll discover a beautiful temple and several retreat houses. On clear days, Lungchutse offers panoramic views of most of Bhutan's peaks.
The return journey back to Dochula takes around 1+ hour. Alternatively, within the same timeframe, you can venture to Trashigang Goempa, a monastic community situated on another hillock at around 3200m. The initial site was established in 1768 by Kunga Gyatso, the 12th Je Khenpo, renowned as an excellent place for meditation practice. There is a road to Trashigang Goempa, where you can rejoin your vehicle.