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Mongar to Bumthang Road || Journey from Mongar to Bumthang

Begin your journey early to tackle the longest leg with ease. Get ready for one of Bhutan's most picturesque drives! Departing from Mongar, the road winds down to its lowest point at Kuri Zampa (570m) near the quaint town of Lingmethang. As you leave Lingmethang behind, prepare for the ascent through Thinangbi, renowned for its diverse bird species, lush vegetation, and stunning scenery, including cascading waterfalls, eventually reaching the highland village of Sengor (3100m).Navigating through winding paths and verdant forests, arrive at Thrumshingla Pass (3780m). Over the course of a few hours, you'll ascend over 3200 meters, passing through the captivating landscapes of Wangchuk Centennial Park. On clear days, marvel at the sight of Gangkar Phuensum, Bhutan's highest peak, visible from Thrumshingla. Descend gradually and arrive at Ura village, nestled in one of Bumthang's four valleys. Take a leisurely stroll and perhaps visit Ura Lhakhang if time permits. From Ura, Jakar is just a short two-hour drive away. To make this potentially lengthy 195km journey more manageable, we'll make several stops along the way, ensuring a comfortable travel experience that may extend beyond 7 hours.