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Trek Lemithang - Laya

Approx. 10km about 4 -5 hours trek, 60m ascent and 340m descent
Walk through the cedar forest, crossing river, small streams and make a descent to valley and then climb again and walk through the heavily wooded area. After about 4 hours trek you will arrive near Laya. There are two trails just before Laya. One leads to the upper Laya and you will be able to see the village and fields from the top. The lower path leads to directly near the village. The campsite is near the community primary school at 3840m.Ganchenta and Masangang (7165m) dominates the skyline. In the afternoon wander around Laya village. Tonight you may be watching dances and singing by the local women. (GPS: 2° 83.822' 89° 41.185')