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Ugyen Tsemo || Temple above Takstang

The Ugyen Tsemo temple is located 220 meters higher and directly above Taktsang on the summit of the cliff.  Ugyen' refers to Taktsang, and 'Tsemo' means 'on the top or head.' The original temple is said to have been built in the late 15th century, even prior to the establishment of the first temple in Taktsang. It is attributed to the uncle of Lama Sonam Gyaltsen, who later founded the first temple at Taktsang. The temple was reconstructed after it was completely destroyed by a fire in 1958. The temple is tiered in the shape of a chorten and features beautiful frescoes depicting Guru Rinpoche and his followers. The view from Ugyen Tsemo is breathtaking, offering a panoramic vista of Zangdopelri and the Paro valley.  The ascent to Ugyen Tsemo takes nearly 1 hour via Machig Phu and Zangdopelri temples from Taktsang.