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Merak Valley || Brokpas of Merak

Merak is one of the remotest villages in Trashigang Dzongkhag and is part of the Merak & Sakteng subdistrict. Like the people of Sakteng, Merak's inhabitants are known as Brokpas, meaning highlanders. They lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle, raising cattle, including Yaks, and some migrate to lowlands in the winter. Although they grow some vegetables, Merak's high altitude prevents the cultivation of cereal crops.
Until 2012, reaching Merak required a 2-3 day hike. However, a new road constructed in 2012 reduced the journey to one day, and recently, the road has reached the village itself. Merak is situated in the Nyera Ama Ri valley at an altitude of 3400-3500 meters above sea level. Another prominent village under Merak is Gyengo.
Legend has it that the Brokpas migrated here centuries ago from the Tshona region of southern Tibet. After a months-long journey across treacherous passes, they arrived, set shrubs on fire, and settled down, naming their new home Merak, which translates to "Set on the fire." The inhabitants of Merak share similarities with those of Sakteng in language, dress, lifestyle, and spiritual beliefs. Merak is approximately 65 kilometers away from Trashigang Dzong.