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Taa Dzong Museum || The Tower of Trongsa.

Taa Dzong is a multi-story watchtower, now converted into a museum, situated just above the Dzong it once protected. Originally built by Chogyal Minjur Tenpa, the first Trongsa Penlop, in 1652, it now houses two temples—one dedicated to the legendary Gesar of Ling and the other to the shrine of Maitreya Buddha. Today, Taa Dzong serves both as a place of worship and a museum, representing its rich historical and religious significance. Among its eleven galleries, one is devoted to the history of the Wangchuk dynasty, which has ruled Bhutan since 1907. This gallery showcases significant royal possessions, including clothing, ritual items, and everyday objects, providing insights into the lives of the royal family that has uniquely shaped Bhutan