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Zangdopelri || Takstang Zangdopelri

The Zangdopelri temple is situated on a spur of a cliff, approximately 125 meters higher on the opposite side, separated by around 200 meters as the bird flies. This location offers an astonishing view of Taktsang. As you look down, you may even spot people in the courtyard of the temple. Zangdopelri is perched atop a massive rock and is believed to have been constructed in 1853 by the 4th mind reincarnation of Zhabdrung. Unfortunately, it suffered a fire a few years later, and during the reconstruction, it was made smaller in size. In the recent years, the temple has been renovated.
Below Zangdopelri, on a cliff, accessible by a steep staircase and hidden from view, is another small temple called Machigphu. This is where Machig Labdron (1031-1129), a female tantric practitioner who established the Chod system in Tibet, meditated. The Lhakhang built around the cave contains an image of Machig, her footprints, and a drubchu.