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Dear Anand,

I think the trip exceeded my expectations, but it may have been more the case because of the beauty of Bhutan. Actually, Yeshi and the driver were great traveling companions and were able to accommodate my requests. I did not get a chance to go to Punakha as the road was blocked but we came up with a good alternative. The level of the hotels varied from 3 to 5 star. The Paro hotel Tamsay was of inferior quality compared to the others Druk and Zhiwa Ling. Probably more consistency in the hotel quality (excluding the premium hotels) would improve the experience. As a note, the food at Zhiwa Ling was way overpriced for the quality. Otherwise, I enjoyed the food elsewhere.

I had no issues with the trip and have no complaints and thoroughly enjoyed the trip and hope to return to Bhutan again.

I think the trip exceeded my expectations

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