Guides in Bhutan

Guides in Bhutan

All Tour Guides in Bhutan are licensed by the Department of Tourism, having undergone a rigorous series of training and examinations. These training programs are conducted by the Bhutan Tourism as well as private institutes. Adventure Trekking guides undergo additional training in trekking and basic mountain emergency procedures. Additionally, many Bhutanese guides complete language courses in Japanese, German, Chinese, French, Thai, Spanish, and other languages.

Our guides, or leaders, are meticulously selected for their exceptional qualities, including good demeanor, flexibility, humor, and a strong commitment to ensuring your enjoyment. They possess a deep enthusiasm and passion for travel, sharing their knowledge and learning experiences with you. Above all, they are valued for their innate goodness as individuals, in addition to their extensive experience and qualifications. The Wind Horse team in Bhutan convenes regularly, meeting two or more times annually to exchange ideas, undergo training, and share knowledge among our field staff and office members. We dedicate considerable time and effort to fostering a strong sense of teamwork and continuous learning.

Below are some of our esteemed Bhutanese tour guides, drivers, and field staff who work with us regularly, alongside some of our partners (company directors) who occasionally lead groups.

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ugen wtm edit3 Windhorse Tours
Ugen Tshering
Partner & CEO
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rinzin Windhorse Tours
Rinzin Jamtsho
Partner & General Manager (Thimphu)
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Kinga dechen Windhorse Tours
Kinga Dechen
Partner & Dy. General Manager
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Jambay Dorji
Jambay Dorji
Partner & Director (Sales & Support for US Office)
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yonten Windhorse Tours
Yonten Jamtsho
Operation Manager (Thimphu) & Partner
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Anand Thapa Windhorse Tours
Anand Thapa
Director (Customer Experience for US)
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pema choden Windhorse Tours
Pema Choden
Reservations - Thimphu office
SONAM Loday Windhorse Tours
Sonam Loday
Guide & Horse Ranch Manager
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Yonten 1 Windhorse Tours
Yonten Phuntsho
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Namgay Windhorse Tours
Guide - Culture, Trek & Nature
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SONAM PALDEN Windhorse Tours
Sonam Pelden
Guide / Tour Leader
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subash rai 7 Windhorse Tours
Subash Rai
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Kuenzang Windhorse Tours
Guide - Culture & Trek
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Tashi Wangchuck Windhorse Tours
Tashi Wangchuk
Guide - Culture & Trek
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kencho Tshering Windhorse Tours
Kencho Tshering
Tour Guide
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Karma Windhorse Tours
Karma Dorji Kardo
Guide - Culture & Nature
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Kezang Norbu Windhorse Tours
Kezang Norbu
Buddhist Specialised Guide
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pema namgay Windhorse Tours
Pema Namgay
Guide with specialization in Trekking
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pema dhendup Windhorse Tours
Pema Dhendup
binita Windhorse Tours
Binita Thapa
Finance & Accounts
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tashi gyaltsen Windhorse Tours
Tashi Gyeltshen
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chagpala Windhorse Tours
Sonam Tenzin
Trek Cook & Driver
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BALIMAN Windhorse Tours
Tak Bhadur Rana
Dawa tshering Windhorse Tours
Dawa Tshering
chimi rinzin Windhorse Tours
Chimi Rinzin
pema loday1 Windhorse Tours
Pema Loday
Cook & Horse Farm Charge


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Wind Horse Tours is well established adventure travel outfitter since 1998. We specialise in small group journeys and personalised custom private trips to Bhutan, India, Nepal and Tibet. Guide Books, Bhutan Tourism and several popular travel organisation recognises Wind Horse Tours as a leading tour operator for the region.

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