Responsible Travel Company

Responsible Travel Company

Responsible Bhutan Tour Operator

As a responsible Bhutan tour operator, Wind Horse actively participates in various associations, including the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO) and the Department of Tourism, dedicated to promoting responsible tourism practices in Bhutan. Wind Horse is certified and awarded as a responsible travel company by Travel Life, an ABTA the UK Travel Association, and the Dutch ANVR travel association. Sustainable and responsible tourism has always been integral to Wind Horse’s ethos since our inception. However, mere rhetoric holds little value without concrete objectives and policies in place. Therefore, we have established clear goals and objectives for our company and our guests to ensure the preservation of the world we share for future generations.

We have devised a long-term sustainable development strategy grounded in our Responsible Tourism Policy, which encompasses environmental, social, and economic dimensions. Recognizing the fragility of the environments, cultures, and economies in the areas where we operate, we are committed to ensuring that our visits leave a positive and enduring impact on the local environment and communities.

Our approach aims to benefit local communities by generating income, fostering positive cultural exchange, and providing financial incentives for the preservation of heritage sites, community development, and natural environments. When selecting suppliers, we prioritize those who align with our Responsible Tourism Principles, ensuring that our partners uphold ethical business practices.

Our sales focus on “small groups” and “tailor-made travel,” in line with the tourism policy of “low impact and high value” advocated by the Tourism Board of Bhutan. This approach allows us to minimize environmental impact while maximizing the value of each traveler’s experience.

Lungchutse Trail Maintenance

Since 2010, Wind Horse has taken on the responsibility of maintaining the Lungchutse Trail, which stretches from Dochula pass to the temple and retreat center of Lungchu-tsey. This trail is cherished by both locals and tourists alike. Every season, the Wind Horse team dedicates time to cleaning and removing trash along the trail, demonstrating our commitment to responsible tourism through this small gesture of stewardship.



Wind Horse operates with a commitment to minimizing negative environmental impacts and promoting Responsible Tourism and environmental best practices among our staff, clients, suppliers, and local communities. We actively support the government’s policy to maintain 60% forest cover in Bhutan, a country known for its rich biodiversity and status as one of the ten biological hotspots on earth. To uphold these principles, we:

  1. Encourage the use of accommodations with environmental-friendly policies, such as reusing towels, efficient electricity and water usage, waste management, fair wages for employees, and support for local farm products.
  2. Utilize appropriate and well-maintained transport options to minimize carbon emissions and energy consumption.
  3. Minimize printed materials, opting for online marketing and brochures to reduce paper usage.
  4. Implement a zero litter policy and actively minimize waste in all activities.
  5. Support conservation projects in areas visited by our clients, including adopting and maintaining hiking trails in consultation with local authorities.
  6. Encourage energy conservation practices among our staff, clients, suppliers, and local communities, such as turning off lights and electronics when not in use.
  7. Advocate for double-sided paper usage and minimal paper consumption in office operations.
  8. Strictly adhere to trekking regulations, including proper waste management and campfire restrictions.
  9. Camp in designated areas to minimize environmental impact.
  10. Provide boiled water for drinking during treks to reduce single-use plastic bottle consumption.
  11. Use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for cooking during treks to minimize impact on local resources.
  12. Respect and abide by conservation regulations within national parks, where most of our treks take place.
  13. Support and participate in environmental awareness campaigns and clean-up projects advocated by relevant agencies and tourism boards.

Social & Economic:

Wind Horse is dedicated to fostering Responsible Tourism and social best practices, striving to enhance both sustainability and economic prosperity for our stakeholders. Our efforts include:

  1. Contributing to the tourism development fund through association memberships and direct government contributions.
  2. Providing bonuses to our permanent staff, bolstering local economies with profits.
  3. Ensuring the well-being of our guides and trekking crews through comprehensive insurance and promoting work-life balance.
  4. Supporting local businesses by sourcing goods locally and providing employment opportunities.
  5. Advocating for community-based tourism and promoting locally owned accommodations.
  6. Encouraging guests to patronize traditional industries like handmade paper factories and textile weaving centers.
  7. Discouraging direct gift-giving to locals and instead suggesting donations to schools or community institutions.
  8. Respecting local customs and fostering mutual respect between visitors and residents.
  9. Promoting off-the-beaten-path destinations to evenly distribute tourism spending.
  10. Operating in a manner that avoids disruption to local communities and infrastructure overload.

Code of Conduct for Bhutan Tour Guides:

Wind Horse guides in Bhutan adhere to a stringent code of conduct to ensure professionalism, safety, and respect for all parties involved. Our guides:

  • Represent the country and company with impartiality and objectivity.
  • Provide accurate and unbiased information to tourists.
  • Prioritize the safety and well-being of tourists at all times.
  • Maintain loyalty to the company and overseas partners.
  • Dress professionally and conduct themselves appropriately.
  • Guide guests in environmentally and culturally responsible manners.
  • Fulfill their duties diligently and seek assistance when necessary
  • Take pride in their profession and act responsibly at all times.
  • Avoid situations that could pose risks to themselves or others.
  • Respect clients’ privacy while offering optimal support and assistance.
  • Abstain from alcohol, drugs, or inappropriate behavior while on duty.
  • Minimize distractions, such as mobile phones, unless essential.
  • Avoid familiarity with guests that could be deemed inappropriate.
  • Provide equal and unbiased service to all tourists.
  • Demonstrate punctuality, reliability, honesty, and tactfulness in all interactions.
  • Continually seek knowledge enhancement and refrain from providing misleading information.
  • Adhere strictly to tourism policies, regulations, and cultural norms.
  • Handle conflicts with sensitivity and responsibility.
  • Report emergencies promptly and follow prescribed procedures.
  • Refrain from pressuring tourists to shop at commission-paying businesses unrelated to the tour itinerary.

By upholding these principles and standards, Wind Horse ensures a positive and enriching experience for both clients and local communities alike.

Procedure for handling clients complaint

At Wind Horse Tours, we take client complaints seriously, recognizing their importance in enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction. Throughout your trip to Bhutan, our office Manager or Partner will periodically check in with you to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. We encourage you to communicate any concerns or suggestions directly to them. Additionally, we provide their mobile and direct phone lines, with reimbursement for any additional call charges incurred. Most hotels in Bhutan have our phone number, allowing you to reach us anytime at no cost to you.

If, despite our efforts, you feel your expectations were not met, we have a structured Complaint Handling Procedure in place. While still in the country, you can choose to call our office, fill out a feedback form, or send an email. We prefer discussing concerns in person, enabling us to address them promptly. Our tour representative or guide will also assist in resolving issues on-site whenever possible.

For post-departure complaints, please email us with your name, contact details, trip name, and guide’s name. Anonymous complaints are noted for internal review but require identifying details for action. We commit to responding to written complaints within one week, striving to resolve them in line with company policy. We value your feedback as an opportunity for improvement and product enhancement.

Your input helps us refine our services, and satisfied customers are our best advertisement. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and earn your continued trust and patronage in the future.


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