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Taktsang - Tigers Nest || Pelphung Monastery

Taktsang, or 'Tiger's Nest,' stands as one of the most revered and awe-inspiring sights in Bhutan. Its beauty and location are truly breathtaking, perched on the sheer face of a 900-meter cliff. No road leads to it, so visitors must trek uphill to reach the monastery or opt for a horse ride part of the way, still requiring some walking. The journey from the parking lot to the cafeteria takes about 1-2 hours, followed by an additional 40 minutes to reach the viewpoint that overlooks a deep ravine. From there, it takes another 30 minutes or so to descend a flight of stairs to the waterfall, cross the stream, and climb large steps to reach the site. In total, the journey can take between two and a half to four hours.
The first monastery was built in 1692, and is steeped in legend. It is said that in the 8th century, Guru Rinpoche flew here on the back of a tigress to subdue negative spiritual forces hostile to the spread of Buddhism. Many spiritual masters have spent time in the cave here. Inside, visitors can explore several temples and shrines within Taktsang. For those with more time and energy, there are additional pilgrimage sites further uphill, including Machig-phu, Zangdopelri, UgyenTsemo, and more.

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