Bhutan Trek Food – Meals

Bhutan Trek Food – Meals

Meals on the trek in Bhutan

Most of our guests who have trekked with us admit that Bhutan Trek Food was often better than ones served in restaurants in Thimphu or Paro. You can rely entirely on our camp meals and not carry any food with you to Bhutan. If you wish, you may bring a small supply of chocolate bars or trail mix for snacks, or a few packets of seasoning to liven up soups, but it’s not necessary. Our cook can look after any special dietary requirements with advance notice.

There is almost no fresh food available on trek routes and so the entire supplies must be carried from the start of the trek. Whenever the fresh supplies are available locally, our crew will purchase it to also help local farmers. Fresh vegetables and meats brought from the start of the trek usually last for a week or so. Our cooks have been trained to use dried vegetable, smoke meats and of course canned foods are also brought along. There are few opportunities to buy limited fresh vegetables, meat and we also hope for some trout filled lakes or streams along the way. Wind Horse uses commercial type stoves fueled by LPG gas cylinders, which makes cooking fast and clean.Our cooks are adept at producing a reasonable variety of Western and Asian dishes.

Breakfast on Bhutan trek

Breakfast usually include Toasts, choice of eggs, some additional protein, cereals, Juice, tea/coffee. Sometimes baked beans, bacons, Indian Puri, Oatmeal, Tibetan breads and such are provided for variety

Lunch during the trek

Midday meal is often a packed lunch that consist of fried rice or noodles, boiled potatoes or chapattis, Sandwiches and fruits. It is normally accompanied by Juice and tea or instant coffee from a large hot-water flask. Sometimes our cook loads a lunch horse with a gas stove and a basket of food and produces a hot lunch on the trail.

Evening High Tea

In the evening at the campsite, almost immediately on your arrival, tea/coffee and other beverages are provided with some snacks, while the cooks prepare your dinner.

Dinners during Bhutan trek

Dinner is a full course comprising of soup, 3-5 varieties of dishes, followed by desserts and Tea/Coffee. The main course dinner include rice dish, a potato dish or, frequently both, meat and vegetables. Sometimes the cooks will prepare Indian breads, Momos or dumplings and other delicacies. Occasionally you will also be a treated to tempered traditional dishes. You will be asked for any preferences and you can discuss this with guide and cook.


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